Silver Rudraksha Mala Bracelet

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This antiqued hand woven silver bracelet accents the Rudraksha beads from the Himalayas in Nepal. The wire wrapped design makes it easy to wear for men and women and fits easily due to the wrap-around style.  The bracelet has a mala design, letting you play with the beads to aid in meditation and relaxation. Rudraksha beads naturally lead you to your true path of purpose. Known to be effective in contolling stress, it blesses the wearer with great peace of mind. It can bring clarity and sharpen the mind, whilst increasing intuition. These beads provide a great barrier of protection against negativity and will assist in bringing balance due to it's intimitate connection with forces in nature and the cosmos.

Please note that artisan jewellery that are made by hand with natural stones and crystals are delicate. 

You should note that hand crafted jewellery is artwork and should be treated as such in order to ensure it's longevity. All hand crafted jewellery pieces are crafted with an organic approach and no glues or sources of heat are used in the creation process. Avoid wet and strenuous activity while wearing jewellery and remove for swimming, showering, applying lotion, playing sports, hand washing, etc. and refrain from any vigorous wet or messy activity whilst wearing the jewellery.

Jewellery cleaning solutions should be avoided at all costs as these are too harsh and can remove patinas, damage metals, crystals and destroy more porous stones. Beaded work should be handled with extra care, and cannot be cleaned. Copper, bronze, brass silver, aluminium and all other metals are constructed from raw materials and will age or patina with wear and use and is not treated to prevent this natural oxidising process.