Energy Oracle Card Reading


How the Oracle Energy cards work:

Everything is Energy! You, the people around us, the information swirling around us and the patterns of our vibration is all Energy. This energy can not only be read, but it can also be changed!

It is important to know that all readings reveal the potential of things and as we shift our consciousness, we can also shift the events that come our way. Your reading can reveal the past, current and future energy in your life.


Please do not ask double-sided questions such as should I become a doctor or a teacher as this blurs the energy. It is not advisable to ask for a yes or no answer. For example instead of asking will I get this job, simply enquire 'tell me about this potential job and the energy around it'.

Good ways to phrase a question:

What do I need to know about my career/relationship/health

What do I need to know to change to change my current situation

What is Spirit's guidance for me

It is important to know that the cards will reveal the energy that is most applicable to you at this time. 

Your reading includes:

1 x Question

1 x 1 Card Reading

1 x 3 Card Spread Reading

4 x Affirmations that are designed to initiate the beneficial energy of the individual cards in your reading

Price: £18

Energy Oracle readings will be done as soon as possible after the order being placed, however please do allow 48 hours for a reply. I send your Oracle reading via email with a photo of your reading. All the reading information goes alongside the photo so you can see which cards are relevant to which piece of information.

IMPORTANT*** Please include your full name, one question and email address when adding to basket.