About the Artist

'Creating Healing Natural Crystal Jewellery to Energise and Inspire'

'I am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and I create jewellery and other works of art with natural crystals and gemstones. All my pieces are infused with loving healing energy to energise and inspire. Natural crystals and stones are my passion and I have always been attracted to their beauty and their powerful properties.  


All my jewellery pieces are unique and include various elements incorporated with natural crystals and gemstones which I carefully select for their unique beauty and energy. My approach is very organic and I do not use any glues or sources of heat during the creation process. Vintage beads and other components such as intricate wire weaving techniques in silver, bronze and copper and aluminium are often included. Each piece is personally crafted by me and I never outsource. 


As a Crystal Artisan and a Crystal Healing Practitioner, I am truly aware of the wonderful healing energy that crystals possess. All my pieces have been created to amplify intentions, whilst assisting you in bringing about changes and healing on your personal journey '


- Verona von B